Star Trek: Prospero is a closed play-by-email RPG that took place in the year 2414. It was a game for mature, experienced writers. There were no Starfleet Marines, no Starfleet Fighter Corps, just old fashioned action and adventure (and lots of 'redshirts') in a brand new century.

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Original game concept and website design by: C. LaRocque. Images of the Ronin class ship from, Quantum2K, and Ronin Design Orthographics by Patrick Weber using Hobbes' mesh. Characters are the property of their writers.

I have done my very best to credit images and other things on this website properly. If you find an error, please, let me know and it will be corrected as soon as humanly possible. -Cliff
This game was in operation from April 23, 2005 until August 31, 2007.
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