Our Story So Far...

NOTE: This page is a work in progress. It can, and just may change, between now and when the game starts again in April 2008. You've been warned. -Cliff

Stardate 439382.0
(December 25th, 2385)

"The Second Christmas Truce" as it became known (after it's historical antecedent in Earth's First World War) is agreed to between the Federation-Romulan-Klingon Alliance and the members of the Triad (T'Kith'kin, Breen, and The Hydran Empire), providing the first break in open hostilities since the start of the war and the Hydran invasion of Federation territory. Both sides, battered by the conflict, consent to a week's long truce to pursue a diplomatic solution.

Stardate 439404.6
(January 1st, 2386)

Citing that little progress has been made in the negotiations, the Hydrans announce their intentions to withdraw from the discussions. Intelligence sources had already alerted the alliance to this fact, and despite urgent pleas from the Federation Council for restraint, the Romulan Grand Galae launches a pre-emptive strike against the Hydran forces, catching them before they could properly regroup. Upon hearing of the Romulan attack, Klingon fleets also cut deep into Hydran territory from the opposite flank. Exhausted and depleted from the war with the Federation, the Hydrans fall back in disarray.

Stardate 439446.5
(January 14th, 2386)

After just two weeks of combat, the Hydran Imperial Navy is essentially crushed at what becomes known as the 'Massacre of Sigma Hydra IX'. The new Klingon Battleship 'IKS Da'Spu' uses it's heavy weaponry to lead a bombardment of the planet, home to three billion Hydrans. Although there were legitimate military targets in the system, the incredible amount of collateral damage and sheer devastation resulting from the assault shocks the consciousness of the Empire's allies and foes alike. The Breen now pull out of peace talks all together, and send all available units (reserve and regular) to defensive positions. Likewise the T'Kith'kin send an expeditionary fleet to defend Hydran and Breen Territory, while officially pulling out of Negotiations. Unofficially, back-channel negotiation still continues between Federation and T'Kith'kin officials through backdoor, neutral channels.

Stardate 439549.7
(February 2386)

A month long campaign finally grinds to a halt as resistance to the combined Romulan and Klingon invasions reaches a crescendo. Without Starfleet's support, neither the Romulan Galaes nor the Klingon Fleets have sufficient force ratio to continue on. Fighting slows as each side repositions it's forces.

Stardate 439649.7
(March 2386)

Known locally as 'The Great Calamity', the Breen launch an all out assault through Hydran territory in an attempt to hurl the Klingons and Romulans back and onto the offensive. Acting on detailed intelligence gathered by unnamed sources, the Romulan and Klingon commanders In a brilliant tactical maneuver concentrated a portion of their forces to absorb the attack, trading territory for time, and moving the bulk of their forces under cloak to new staging positions. This leads to the assault on Breen, and by the end of the month the Breen Homeworld itself is bombarded and invaded by Romulan and Klingon ground forces.

Stardate 439765.9
(April 20th, 2386)

"The Day Of Peace" is greeted, when at noon standard time, the T'Kith'Kin Hive and the Hydran Empire sign an official Peace Accord with the United Federation of Planets. With the Romulan and Klingon Empires now engaged in the occupation activities of Breen and Cardassia, and their own defensive needs at home, both accepted the Peace Accord brokered by the Federation to end the conflict. 'The Miranda Accords' as they become known have governed a delicate, but fairly steady peace between the five powers since.

Stardate 442130.4
(October 9th, 2388)

The burden of the occupation of Breen, and the territories won during the Triad War finally strain the Romulan and Klingon militaries to the point that they must reduce their garrisons within the Cardassian Union. The withdrawal comes at a time when Starfleet is still rebuilding, and thus unable to make up for the short fall in available forces. The cunning Cardassian leadership saw an opportunity to consolidate power, and therefore offered the allies a mutual defense pact in exchange for a return to the Pre- Dominion War borders. 'The Agreement on Cardassian Union Sovereignty' was signed this date aboard the Galaxy Class Federation Starship USS Challenger NCC 71099.

Stardate 443901.3
(May 31st, 2390)

While on a deep space exploration and survey mission of the Indri VIII subspace highway USS Endeavor NCC 71805 encounters a convoy of eleven unidentified ships. The ships are full of refugees from a planet called Eweq Prime, which had only recently discovered warp travel. They tell of a horrible 'plight' which fed on their entire world, destroying their civilization and more than 99 percent of their population. Although originally thought of as symbolic speech, this would later become the first evidence encountered of the Aean bacterial colonies.

Stardate 444256.2
(November 17th, 2390)

While on a Good Will tour of the central worlds of the Romulan Star Empire, Empress Kaidlin is nearly assassinated despite considerable Tal Shiar and Praetorian Guard presence. Although widely publicized as an isolated attempt, some in Starfleet Intelligence cast this as potentially the first manifestation of fracture in what analysts have theorized could be a multi-layered and highly complex society far less united than depicted. These findings are largely dismissed however.

Stardate 445930.4
(June 9th, 2392)

Dr. Llewellyn Moreau discovers the secret behind Borg assimilation, namely the methods and frequencies used for nano-probes to communicate with each other. As a result, counter-measures are introduced diminishing the Borg threat even further than it had been. She wins the Nobel Prize in technology as a result.

Stardate 445807.29
(July 29th, 2392)

The keel for the USS Prospero, 69th vessel of the Ronin Class (first of the Series II vessels) is laid at Utopia Planitia Shipyards, Mars. The Series II Ronin included several advances over the previous generation of the class, including the installation of an intuitive holographically projected artificial intelligence.

Stardate 446649.7
(March 15, 2393)

The USS Prospero is launched under the command of Captain Tessik of Vulcan. She is originally signed to deep space charting and exploration missions, beginning with the long forgotten badlands.

Stardate 446908.01
(August 1, 2393)

The USS See'tak is reported missing in action after being unheard from in a month. The Nova Class starship was on a year long ecological and stellar survey of a promising colony site along the Indri VIII highway. The Intrepid Class starship USS Johnston would discover no trace of the vessel or her crew. It is later believed the See'tak and her crew became the first casualties of Starfleet lost to the Aean.

Stardate 447098.1
(September 30, 2393)

Starfleet receives a distress call from Starbase 684 on the Neutral Zone, under command of Commodore Ku'vaz. The Andorian's last words describe a macro-viral colony of immense proportions, milky white in color and smooth in texture. The few records transmitted indicated the 'blob' attached to the Starbase and consumed it completely.

Stardate 447111.0
(October 3, 2393)

A Response force lead by Commodore Danix aboard the USS Benevolent transfers aboard survivors from the Starbase 684 disaster. An attempt is made to track down the macro-viral colony, but the Aean cluster had moved into the Neutral Zone.

Stardate 447149.7
(October, 2393)

Starfleet Intelligence discovers that the Romulan 9th Galae, a home defense fleet normally kept in reserve, had attempted to engage the Aean colony with disastrous results. Weapons fire from their Warbirds had divided the virus into a multitude of smaller colonies, and the vessels engaged provided substantial fodder for the divergent colonies. The Aean problem grows.

Stardate 447349.7
(December, 2393)

After Aean attacks are recorded on Federation, Romulan, Klingon, Cardassian, Ferengi, and Tholian vessels, the Alpha Quadrant Powers decide to pool their resources in a united front against the new threat. A combined fleet attempts to use a forcefield to isolate a portion of the virus for study, but this ends with the loss of 7 vessels, and over 1,800 lives.

Stardate 447501.3
(January 31, 2394)

Elements of the allies lead by the 172nd CAW Starborne Brigade embarked upon the USS Endeavor respond to a distress call from the Cardassian Warship Gre'kor. When they arrive, the Endeavor discovered that the Aean virus had only partially consumed the Cardassian warship. Allied scientists discovered that a new form of radiation called tetra-dynamic radiation created by the interaction between sub-space fields and certain nebulous particles rendered the Aean dormant, and thus vulnerable to conventional weapons systems. Though the Gre'kor was a total loss, nearly half the crew were saved, and inert samples of the virus were collected for study.

Stardate 447908.21
(August 31, 2394)

Exactly eight months following the availability of the first sample of Aean to study, a cabal of the finest scientists in the Alpha Quadrant finally create a 'cure' for the virus, though have yet to develop a suitable delivery system.

Stardate 448226.8
(November 8, 2394)

In a foreshadowing of the worst fears of the Alpha Quadrant governments, the independent planet of Ados II practically collapses under the weight of an approaching Aean colony. The planet's entire naval force, composing several hundred ships, is sent to attempt to annihilate the colony. Unable to successfully reproduce the tetra-dynamic radiation due to their technical limits, 2/3rds of the force is slaughtered... providing further fodder for the virus. The remaining ships return to the planet, and begin evacuating people according to their strict class based social structure. The CAW authorizes the deployment of the 173rd Starborne to help maintain the peace in the capital city, and a large armada of transport ships is mobilized to further try and evacuate 'whomever' they could. Unfortunately chaos ensues as the social structures disintegrate in the midst of a fear inspired revolt. Several of the peacekeepers are killed or wounded, and eventually 4 billion Adosians die between the violence and Aean consumption.

Stardate 448549.4
(February, 2395)

The 'Great College of Minds' as it is later referred to in a historical text about the Aean War, finally formulate an acceptable delivery system for the Aean antigen. The USS Remora becomes the first Federation starship equipped with the new warhead, and a task force is quickly convened to search for an Aean colony and eliminate it. The tests prove a success, and in short order a massive, Quadrant-wide sweep is planned to hunt down all the Aean colonies and systematically destroy the virus.

Stardate 449404.2
(January 1, 2396)

The 'Aean War' is officially declared over. Although hundreds of ships have been lost, dozens of worlds destroyed, and every advanced species affected, victory belongs to the Quadrantal powers. As a result of the alliance, the Aean antigen, tetra-dynamic radiation discovery, and the dispersal warhead are all openly shared among the various powers, and it is agreed all signatories to the Milky Way Pact will take it upon themselves to eliminate the virus wherever it may be manifested. The Alpha Quadrant is finally at peace with no foreseen issues which could disturb it. The FNN Historical Journal dramatically dubs this period "Pax Galactica", though it only refers to the Alpha Quadrant. The long and extensive process of rebuilding and dealing with massive waves of displaced refugees begins.


The Borg attempt to send sorties into the Alpha Quadrant, the bulk of which target the Federation. However unlike previous battles where Borg incursions had caused disastrous losses, Starfleet is now well prepared to defend itself and it's allies from Borg attacks. Over the course of the next year, task forces sometimes a dozen cubes in strength are eliminated by Starfleet vessels thanks to the discoveries of doctor Moreau. It is the last time the Borg attempt to gain a foothold in the Alpha Quadrant.

A small Kelvan fleet once again attempts to colonize in the Alpha Quadrant, however in their first engagement against the allied forces of the Alpha Quadrant, the three dozen or so ships are soundly defeated. The survivors head for the Galactic Core in hopes of evading any pursuit and establishing a toe hold... never to be heard from again.

Stardate 453817.1
(May 5, 2400)

In what would become known as "The May Day Catastrophe" in the Romulan Star Empire, Empress Kaidalin, leader of the Romulan people since Since Emperor Vel'al was assassinated shortly after the Dominion War, is overthrown by Empress Jill'ani T'ere. In two weeks of extremely bloody and violent civil war, the 2,000 strong Ventava Legion, the Empresses' Own, are nearly destroyed under the weight of Ventava veteran mercinaries, and Tal Shava (Imperial Marine) and Teth Koros (Shocktroopers) loyal to the T'ere family. Survivors of the Ventave legion are eventually forced to take a new oath of loyalty or be sentenced to death as 'co-conspirators' in Kaidalin's "Great crime against the Romulan people." The last hold outs fortunately buy enough time for Starfleet's elite STARS unit to rescue the Empress and her chief supporters. Much of the Empire's capitol burns for days as citizens and laborers revolt and rampage. It will be August before the situation on Romulus is deemed 'stable' enough for the Federation to re-open it's embassy and establish contact with the new leader. The CAW offers haven for the rescued Empress, pending some sort of resolution to the forced exile.


Empress Jill'ani 'cleans house', exiling or assassinating those members of the government who's loyalty she questions... or those she plain doesn't like. As a result, large numbers of Romulan refugees from influential, and not so influential, families are forced abroad. One such individual is the former commanding officer of the 1st Galae, Admiral Jortek Sorken.


Starfleet Command, recognizing the need to uniformly upgrade it's vessels and construction facilities following the challenges it faces in the 'new order' of the Quadrant, commissions a study on the feasibility of it's infrastructure and starships. Known as 'The Nokia Report' in honor of it's author, it is determined that there exists a lack of non-replicable raw material stocks, with an even more worrying find that over the course of the next century, without conservation and discovery of new sources, The UFP and Starfleet in particular will face increasingly tough competition from outside powers and among it's own member worlds for needed resources. The Report suggests focusing efforts away from the 'massive' capitol ships that had become the norm, and redirecting resources to smaller vessels. To off-set the drop in capabilities, it is suggested a determined effort in developing brand new technologies is made, and that the diplomatic and scientific groundwork be laid for an equally concerted effort at locating new supplies. The Report is labeled Classified, and off of it's recommendations Starfleet Command issues to the Council of the UFP it's proposal for resource expenditures and upgrade requests over the next 5 years. The measure is approved in early 2405.

Stardate 458807.15
(July, 2405)

Acutely aware of increasing resentment in the upper ranks of the non-appointed military over her actions, Empress Jill'ani authorizes extensive modernization programs of the Romulan military early on in 2405. Several months later she begins searching for a stage on which to demonstrate Romulus' new military doctrine. She finds what she's looking for when the client world of Dera'nan requests assistance dealing with an insurrection on an independent minded colony. The rebellion had thus far forced the Dera'nan Homeworld to negotiate a cease fire, and the colony had gone to seek outside assistance of it's own by appealing to the Federation and it's allies. She authorizes the deployment of a company of newly raised Teth Koros troopers reinforced (or in reality 'minded') by a platoon of her very own Ventava Legionaires (240 Troopers in all) for the expressed purposes of making it 'impossible' for any non-Romulan groups to operate on the colony. Already vested is a humanitarian effort of Civilian and official Federation agencies under the direct control of Starfleet, defended by a platoon of CAW Sappers, regular forces that specialized in defensive operations. Expecting an easy victory and vindication with their meticulously planned offensive, the Romulans are instead, as one intercepted transmission stated, '...shot to pieces by these wiley rock climbers.' Snipers record 123 kills alone against the Romulan force, and by the Empress' order (who believed any survivors may leak knowledge of this disaster) the survivors are cut down in a frontal assault against the well defended colony site. Unfortunately for the Empress, news breaks from outside the Empire, and to protect herself (as well as stave off open hostilities) she is forced to disavow any authorization of the attack, calling the loyal soldiers who are killed 'fanatical zealots' beyond her actual control. In open mockery of the empress , following formal ceremonies in line with Romulan customs, the Sapper's commanding officer etches onto the stone memorial "The Empress' Disowned", a deliberate play on the words of the Ventava Legion's motto.

Stardate 459104.2
(October, 2405)

A formal cease fire is declared by the Dera'nani Government after their failure to defeat the rebellion militarily. As a result the Romulan Empire is forced to wait until foreign forces are off the planet's soil before sending in the Tal Shava Imperial Marines to pacify the planet for the Dera'nani. Although the operation is successful, casualties are embarrassingly high. Although a myriad of reasons are officially given for the defeats suffered, many professional troopers believe blame rests with the Empress and her politicizing of the military. The impact of this humiliation will be considered the pivotal point in the later coup and other actions.

Stardate 463775.2
(April 23, 2410)

Captain Janeen Jaxom is assigned command of the USS Prospero.

Stardate 463908.11-463908.16
(August 11-16, 2410)

'The T'Sari IV' incident, the culmination of an underhanded attempt by unauthorized Starfleet officers to effect change on a potentially invaluable world, begins. The Federation Ambassador, while attempting to negotiate a truce between warring factions, is shot down while attempting to evacuate following a surprising take over from one of the warring dictators. The USS Prospero responds, and teams from the ship, including the embarked Pioneers (CAW) squad, attempt to retrieve the ambassador and diplomatic security staff. This leads to a week long battle in which the Prospero itself is severely damaged, and casualties on both sides are heavy. For valor and bravery, the crew are awarded various medals and honors.

Stardate 464836.5
(May 11, 2411)

A small fleet of roughly three dozen vessels, hired mercenaries and pirates, attempt a fatal assault on the primarily Stagnorian colony of Al'Klei'sh. Although two thirds of the ships are destroyed in the assault by the planet's orbital defenses, with the remainder being destroyed or captured in the later punitive action on Alstair III after retreating, the attack and later ground 'raiding' actions would cause over 3,500 dead and wounded. Over the coming weeks, intelligence and security investigations will link the assault to an operative code-named 'Talon', whom CAW analysts suspect as a Romulan operative. The Romulans deny any involvement.

Stardate 464904.2
(June 1, 2411)

The Assault on Alstair III, characterized by an FNN broadcaster as 'The Punitive Expedition' is officially launched. Backed by Montarian forces in accordance with Federation law, a CAW military force isolates the system and the planet from all space travel. In six months, more than five dozen vessels (only a small portion of which were directly involved with the Al'Klei'sh attacks) are commandeered and over 10,000 people detained. The prisoners are eventually sorted out, with the majority being transferred to the custody of Federation Law Enforcement agencies as their crimes had nothing to do with the attack. As testament to it's place in lore as a safe haven for the criminal, only about 1/3 of the planet's permanent population are not arrested.

Stardate 465404.2
(January 1, 2412)

President Korak becomes the first Vulcan president of the United Federation of Planets.

Stardate 465639.7
(March 12, 2412)

The USS Legacy locates the USS Prospero adrift in space, with incapacitated non-Starfleet personnel aboard. The crew is able to access the Prospero's computer records, and heads to Nimbus III where it is able to locate the Prospero's original crew.

Stardate 466159.1
(October 18, 2412)

After being 'insulted' by Chancellor Kramis of the Klingon Empire over what amounted to a manufactured event on his own behalf, the Romulan Ambassador to the Klingon Empire (and the reputed lover of Empress Jill'ani as well as her cousin twice removed) pulls his 'honor' blade on the Chancellor and attacks. Although surrounded by guards, Chancellor Kramis elects to fight his assailant man to man, and kills the Ambassador in fairly short order. There are 'very' vocal complaints from the Romulan throne, and the Imperial Navy begins aggressive posturing against the Klingon Empire and their Federation allies, however as would prove to be the Empress' way, it's all talk and nothing happens.

(more to come...)