Episode 8: Accused!

Lieutenant De la Vega is extradited to the Zoon'aran homeworld to answer for the accidental killing of a trader (last episode). Meanwhile, the Stagnorian Pioneers follow up on lead to the whereabouts to their companion who they thought was killed in action on T'Sari IV (from episode 5). (by C.L.)

Production Notes: I thought this mission went very well. It was a perfect example of a character getting into trouble and getting out working into a larger storyline. Kudos to the whole crew that took part in it.

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Episode 9: Fresh Blood

While on it's routine survey mission, the Prospero picks up a hail from what was originally charted as an uninhabited planet. Checking it out, they find a sleeper ship colony that's been lost for generations who's quite eager to re-establish ties with the Federation. They even offer their world as a place for shore leaves. But once on the planet, something seems ...a bit off. (by L.D.)

Production Notes: This one did not go so well. Apparently, horror and Star Trek do not mix well.

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Episode 10: Happy Feet

While on a routine, and excruciatingly boring, survey mission, the crew starts breaking out in spontaneous song and dance numbers. The reason why will surprise you. (by C.C. & C.L.)

Production Notes: This one went just okay. Part of the problem was the GM (me) had a big, fat, case of writer's block while this episode was going on and it was too difficult for me to lead the way. Consequently, this one more or less tanked.

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Episode 11: Back To The Old Ways

The USS Republic has been destroyed by the Klingon Border patrol! The High Council dissolved the Khitomer Accords! The Prospero is sent in to pick up the Republics survivors... but will the Prospero survive?

Production Notes: This one was a good success. We had two writers, each one writing from the perspective of the different governments involved. I thought that worked out well.

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Episode 12: End Of The Alliance

Romulan forces are massing on the border the Empire shares with the IDIC Alliance. What could it mean?

Production Notes: Pretty much a 'filler' episode to deal with the aftermath of the last one. It was 'fair'.

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