Episode 1: Meet & Greet

The crew of the USS Prospero comes together and receives their marching orders. While not only getting to know each other, they also get to know the newly installed artificially intelligent computer avatar. It's the latest thing from Starfleet R&D. It's being installed as an upgrade on all ships scheduled refits and overhauls. Now it's being installed while the Prospero is docked at Starbase Atlantis.

Production Notes: This first episode is just all the characters getting together on the ship and getting ready to leave their home port. There's some back story told but not too much.

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Episode 2: Grand Theft Starship

A Federation Ship, the USS Kurita (Ronin-class), suffers a containment failure in Deep Beta Quadrant space, near a sector inhabited by a species very new to warp travel. The Zoon'Aran. Very little is known about the peaceful, yet heavily armed species. The Kurita's crew were forced to abandon ship despite having stopped the Matter/Anti-Matter core from breaching.

The Crew are recovered by the Prospero, and Captain Jake Rand tells Captain Jaxom that the Kurita is still out there, near Zoon'Aran territory. They are known as thieves and pirates that don't normally kill. They also steal every single bit of salvage they can possibly get then sell it no matter how shoddy or broken it is.

It turns out the Kurita is found and uneasy relations are begun with the Zoon'aran.

Production Notes: This mission introduces our first recurring 'new' species. The Zoon'aran were made up by the guy that played the chief engineer at the time. They are a humanoid/weasel type of mammal with limited telepathic ability. Their culture is very much like the Ferengi, but worse, if you can imagine that. Also, in this episode, several founding players had to leave because of real life commitments. This necessitated the restructuring of the senior staff.

Also, during this episode, several founding players left citing time needed for school and such. Somehow I managed to fill out the senior staff again. Things have been running smoothly since.

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Episode 3: Brain Drain

The USS Manitoba after finishing a survey of a class M uninhabited world is headed for Starbase 230 for routine maintenance work, but when the ship arrives at the starbase, there is no answer to hails and it crashes one of the docking arms.

Tractor beams bring the ship in line with one of the other arms, and shortly after teams beam aboard, all contact is lost with the base save for a badly garbled distress call claiming 'they're all over.'.

The Prospero being the nearest ship in the quadrant is dispatched to investigate as no hostile presence has been reported and the data in the Manitoba's computers was never passed along to Starfleet.

Scans done on both the ship and the base will show no life-signs and the only damage present is from the crash of the ship to the docking arm.

In the end, the crew finds a way to neutralize the slugs while not letting their brains get eaten out.

Production Notes: This episode turned out real well. So well, in fact, that we have another 'slug' mission planned for later on.

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Episode 4: Girls, Guys, Genetics, Oh My!

The Prospero is on leave for a week on Risa while the crew waits for an ambassador and his team of diplomats. Once they rendevous with Ambassador Mukor, they're to convey him to Starbase Atlantis.

Seems simple enough, right?

but what the Prospero's crew doesn't know ...is 'someone' is collecting samples of everyone's DNA.. who is doing it? and even more puzzling, why?

Production Notes: This episode was more or less a 'fill in' because the next mission outline wasn't quite ready yet. The reason the crews' DNA samples will be revealed in a later episode.

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Episode 5: Supply And Demand

The Planet T'sari 4 has been in an anarchial civil war for decades. Several factions would have been battling for control of the government, and until now the battle would have gone unnoticed as Starfleet would have sought to shy away from conflict as much as possible. Or so you'd think...

Production Notes: This mission turned out better than I hoped. We had a month with over 200 posts. An anomaly to be sure, but still outstanding. The people of T'Sari IV will probably turn up in a future episode at some point.

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Episode 6: Transwarped

After a rough time out at T'Sari IV, it's decided to give the Prospero and its crew a little break, a chance to do something that the ship is actually designed for, a science experiment.

The Prospero finally gets it's transwarp drive installed. Things are fine until Captain Jaxom finds out her ship is only the second one the new drive has been installed on. "What happened to the first ship?" she asks. It's uhm, missing.

Production Notes: This one didn't go as well as I thought it would. It seemed the rest of the players just didn't 'get into' it. Plus, I never had the chance to post any good 'nightmare' posts for my own characters as I was busy with some real life things going on at the time. It turned out to be a real stinker of an episode. The game recovered nicely though.

The Great Experiment begins HERE
Episode 7: Doorways

Hanon, a Tellarite scientist, has been on the run for illegal experimentation for several years. Due to the Federation's greater concerns, he has gone on generally unnoticed... until now...

Production Notes: This was the last episode in Season 1. This episode went over much better than I thought it would. Every player seemed to have a good time with it. It went over so well I'm thinking about making Hanon a recurring antagonist.

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