RULES of the Game...
1. Have fun, of course :) So many other games claim this is the most important rule yet put it last on their rule list. Well screw that, we put it first!

2. Typical play-by-email rules apply with a couple of exceptions that will be explained below. C'mon, you know what the typical ones are, no killing, maiming or otherwise hurting another player's character without their permission, no writing other people's parts without their permission, respect for all other writers, etc, etc. If you really want the full list email me and we'll send'em to ya.

2A. The GMs reserve the right to use any characters deemed fit to expedite a slow moving storyline. The GMs also reserve the right to have characters breaking rules and regulations 'in character' disciplined without prior approval from the writer (for example, arrested and/or tossed in the brig).

3. Posting requirements are one post every two weeks (feel free to do more if you're inclined). Unlike other games that require a post once week, we're focusing on quality, not quantity. We'd rather have one, well thought out, well written post a week than four that aren't so good. (Although, if you can and want to do more, great!)

Please, please, PLEASE don't forget to spell-check and grammar check your work. Proper capitalization and punctuation are pluses also. Those simple precautions will make your writings much more enjoyable to read.

3a. One quick word about explicit posts. Personally, we don't feel a little sensuality (or gratuitous violence) ever hurt anyone, however, this game is voluntarily rated 'R'. That means anything you wouldn't see in an 'R' rated movie shouldn't show up in a post. If you have any doubts, whatsoever, about what that includes, email the GMs and ask.

4. There is one mailing list for story posts. There is another for Out Of Character (OOC) comments. No flaming on the lists. Period. If any spats or flaming arguments start on the lists, the offending parties will get ONE warning. If they don't stop after that, they will be banned. Period. If you want to argue, fine, just keep it off the game's mailing lists.

5. If you don't post for 4 weeks you will be removed from the list unless prior arrangements are made. Email the GM in advance if you know you won't be able to post for more than four weeks especially if you want to stay in the game and on the mailing list. If you do happen to get removed and wish to return, itís no problem, just send me an email to get re-instated. You will be allowed to rejoin provided you previously met the posting requirements and participated in the game. I will not carry dead weight in my game.

Also, if you do get removed without taking a leave of absence you most likely will not get your previous position and/or rank back especially if it was a department head.

6. Write 'novel' style. That means no movie scripts. If you want to write a movie script, go to Hollywood. Check your spelling and grammar. Joint posting is a good way to get to know other writers and characters in the game. We don't do 'tagging' here. If you don't know what joint posting or tagging is just ask.

7. We don't mind if you bring more than one main character into the game, in fact, we encourage it. However, it is also encouraged that you keep all your characters busy with something mission related along with character development side plots. If one of your characters is a department head, that will be your main character and only one department head character is allowed per writer.

8. No omnipotent characters (Q, demi-gods, or anything like that). They're no fun for anyone else.

9. The GMs have the final say in all matters.