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Episode #16: New Dawn

After almost a year of being on hiatus, the USS Prospero RPG is starting up again... (in April 2008)

Episode ?: Time And Time Again
Temporal Investigations has made its first mistake. They call on the Prospero to fix it. The crew must go back in time to stop one of the deadliests invasions in Federation history. (by S.K.H.)
Episode XX: TBA...

Episode XX: TBA...

Episode XX: TBA...

Episode XX: TBA...

Episode XX: TBA...

Stay tuned! There's more on the way.....

Season 3 Opener!
Episode 13: Rat Trap

The USS Prospero is ordered to the world of Yalen IV.  The Yaleni are recovering from a decade and a half long period of civil war, and have finally consolidated themselves under a single government elected more or less fairly, under a constitutional monarchy where the majority of power is vested in the Royal Cabinet and the popularly elected Senate.

Not only that...A temporal distortion opens up nearby with a badly damaged vessel entering. Sensors record one life sign aboard, and the STARS team immediately goes to try and recover the ship and crewman. By the time they arrive however, the one life-sign is beyond survival. She dies muttering a ghastly warning to beware.

The most disturbing part of everything is whom the warning comes from... Captain Janeen Jaxom. (by C.H.)
Episode 14: Cadets

Admiral London and her assistant bring aboard a class of cadets to pester the crew of the Prospero. (By M.H.)
Episode 15: Milk Run Surprise

The ship gets stolen by pacifists bent on trying to eliminate war from the galaxy but their plans go horribly wrong...
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