Departmental Duties


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The Chief Operations Officer does a little of everything, including running sensor scans, handling communications, monitoring ship-wide status and functions. Additionally, he or she can pilot the ship, control tractor beams and transporters, even arrange power distribution to major systems during emergency situations. A jack of all trades, Ops manager is a key position and anyone functioning as an Ops manager should take care to monitor all happenings in the sim because the CO will often be relying heavily on the information the Ops manager can provide.


The Chief Medical Officer is responsible for maintaining the health and physical well-being of the crew as well as treating the injured, pronouncing the dead and performing autopsies when required. This can definitely be one of the hardest positions to play but it can also be the most recognized. The medical team should make sure that the crew is in good health by performing routine physicals. Medical personnel are almost always in sick bay but will frequently go on away team missions, especially when casualties are reported or expected or when the reason for the away team is medical in nature (such as providing aid to victims of a disaster or investigating an outbreak of disease).


The Chief Flight Control (or helm) Officer controls the speed and direction of the ship. The helmsman can also handle sensors, access communications and monitor ship-wide status, should the need arise. However, those responsibilities are more usually left to Ops or Tactical. This position can be slow at times, especially if the ship is simply in orbit around a planet, so it is very often considered acceptable to work with Ops and Tactical in some situations. During times of high risk maneuvers helm is one of the key positions on the ship. Shuttle pilots and maintanence technicians are part of this department as well.


The Chief Science Officer duties fall under the Sciences, often works in tandem with Medical or Engineering to help analyze a situation facing the crew. Science personnel routinely use sensor readings, tricorders and any other data collecting/analyzing equipment at their disposal in order to gain an understanding of the things the crew encounters on missions as well as solve any problems encounters with such things might pose. This position generally calls for strong creative and improvisational abilities, especially when faced with unknown substances and species. The CO will often instruct you (via e-mail or IM) in the general information to 'discover' during the sim, but will usually leave it up to you to come up with the specifics.


The Chief Counselor is responsible for the mental and emotional well-being of the crew members. The Counselor periodically sees each crew member to evaluate his or her mental and emotional well-being, much as the doctors in sick bay perform routine physicals on the crew to screen for potential physical problems and insure, as best they can, that the crew's physical health is maintained. The Counselor will also hold sessions with crew members who have health concerns and make appointments or may contact a crew member to make an appointment for evaluation at the instigation of a Department Head or higher (just who has the authority to do this and under what circumstances varies from sim to sim). Counselors usually have some sort of empathic or telepathic abilities, although this is not a must by any means. This position can be very dramatic and interesting and the counseling sessions can often lead to interesting joint logs and subplots. The Counselor will generally be most busy during the sim when communicating with non-Federation species and advising the Commanding Officer regarding what he/she senses. He or she will also play an important role in diplomatic missions and in those missions that feature people dealing with strong emotions or mental aberrations.


The Chief Secutity/Tactical Officer is in charge of ship, station, starbase or outpost offense and defense. Has direct control of phasers, photon torpedoes, shields and any and all weapons or defense mechanisms. Also controls tractor beams, gives damage reports and status reports in regard to weapons, defense and ship integrity and can control Communications, if necessary. Some of these duties may be given to Ops instead, if both posts are present in the sim. This is can be one of the more exciting positions on the ship because Sec/Tac is heavily involved with any action packed Starship battles that take place. Sec/Tac Officers tend to be suspicious about every unknown vessel that comes into contact with their ship or station. This is entirely in keeping with their duties, as they have the responsibility to see that no enemies catch them unaware. Leave the diplomatic duties to the CO and First Officer, the Sec/Tac Officer is all about offense and defense.

They also oversee all security measures that need to be taken, both on the vessel or installation in which they are stationed and on those occasions that crew members need to leave the ship/installation on official business, such as away team duty. Sec/Tac Officers are responsible for handling intruders, supervising security on away teams, providing unobtrusive but safe escort for diplomats, etc. They oversee any aspects of a mission involving the personal safety of those involved as well as the safety and security of any persons or objects in their care. The Sec/Tac Officers should work on all aspects of security in the sim including, though not limited to, registering weapons, upkeep of the brig, providing security for guests, routine security patrols, drills and so forth.


The Chief Engineer and his engineers are the mechanics of the ship, they are responsible for all power generation, computer systems and propulsion systems. The engineers are often considered the miracle workers of the ship, when the Captain asks for the impossible he very frequently looks to his engineers to pull it off. Engineers usually work in Engineering but they can work on the bridge at a computer console if necessary.


The Diplomatic Officer or diplomatic liaison is responsible for any contacts with governments. In essence their role puts them at the forefront of all issues that require diplomatic finesse. This role can be combined with that of Intelligence Officer.


The Intelligence Officer is responsible to represent the interests of Starfleet Intelligence. Collection and summarization of gathered information are the main ship board duties of this department. Also, occasional undercover/covert assignments when the need arises. This role can be extremely interesting.

Second Officer

In normal ship functions, the Second Officer would typically be the Operations Officer. Their insight into the morale of the crew gives the SO an unparalleled foreknowledge in the expectations of the crew in key moments. Starfleet Command and the Commanding Officer of the Prospero have assigned the ship's dedicated Second Officer command-level codes in the event the Captain and XO has become incapacitated. Otherwise, the Second Officer during non-red alert situations would be the Shift Officer on any given shift.

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